Housebreaking – Is it that hard?

Everyday we get phone calls about dogs in need of housebreaking, or potty training as it can be commonly known. When you have a dog, getting them housebroken is one of the most important things you will need to teach them. Let’s face it no one wants to clean up a mess all time, especially after a long, hard day at work.

puppy in trainingHere at Rose City Dog Training, we help dog owners get their dog’s housebroken on a daily basis. The key to housebreaking is STRUCTURE. Dogs and puppies actually thrive in a structured environment (heck, most people do too!). Our in-home dog training programs help owners create structure, guidance and effective communication so their dogs know exactly what they want from them.

Below are the top three tips for housebreaking:

  1. Crate Training – this is important because it allows your dog a CALM space to be in when you are not home, or when cannot watch them. Crate training must be done properly though, if you do not properly train your dog to enjoy being the crate it can cause problems.
  2. Limiting Free Roaming – when you first get a dog whether it be an older dog, or puppy you really don’t want to allow them to roam freely. This can cause a world issues because it opens up opportunities for them to learn and practice bad habits.
  3. Stay on a Schedule – Keeping your dog on a very consistent schedule can really help with housebreaking in the beginning. Dogs are creatures of habit, they learn best my routine and repetition.

If you are having trouble housebreaking your dog, or if you need any other kind of behavioral training, Rose City Dog Training can address ALL of your dog’s behavioral training needs.

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