Portland Dog Trainer – We’re Ready To Help!

Our Portland dog trainer has taught and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs suffering from all types of behavioral problems. Our training company is also supported by an expert office and veterinary staff that will fully address your questions and concerns when you first reach out to us about our training services. When you call or e-mail Rose City Dog Training, our wonderful office staff will answer all your inquiries and direct you to the best training program that is suited to you and your dog’s specific needs.

How We Help?

Rose City Dog Training accepts all dogs into our training programs. We do not discriminate based on breed or behavioral problems. We work with dogs of all ages, including puppies, adults, and senior dogs, and we always keep any age-related issues or circumstances in mind whenever we work with your dog, so that we do not underserve or overwhelm your dog.

You will work closely with our professional, certified dog trainer who will not only teach your dog, but also YOU! Our in-home dog training programs are designed to empower owners with the knowledge and tools to help their dog, while also allowing your dog to start in a comfortable environment where he/she can be set up for success and learn from their beloved human family.

Our trainer can instill basic obedience for your dog, help with light or heavy behavior modification, and even work with severe anxiety and aggression cases. If your dog is having multiple behavior problems, we will make sure we combat all of them, and ensure your dog learns the fundamentals of good behavior and living a happy life in their forever home with you.

Rose City Dog Training can address the following:

  • Basic Obedience/Commands
  • Puppy Training
  • Housebreaking and Marking
  • Aggression (all forms, including human aggression)
  • Anxiety (i.e.: crate, separation, and more)
  • Recall and Off Leash Handling
  • Excessive Behaviors (i.e.: barking, jumping, digging, etc.)
  • Leash Manners 
  • Hyperactive Behaviors
  • Destructive Habits
  • And more!
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“When Can I Get Help?”

Whenever you contact us, we’ll discuss your dog’s behavioral issues, select the best training program for you and your dog, and then schedule an initial in-home consultation for you and our trainer. At the consultation, our trainer will devise a customized training plan and then you can decide if you would like to move forward together with Rose City Dog Training. The consultation allows our trainer to completely evaluate your dog and their behaviors in-person, while also giving you the opportunity to talk about all your questions and concerns before making a final decision. If you choose to commit to the training, our trainer will commit to you and your dog until your training goals are met, and together you can arrange when training sessions will take place.

If you’re in Portland (and surrounding areas) and are looking to start dog training immediately, then reach out to us! You can call our office at 503.468.5705 or e-mail us, using our contact form. Be sure to browse through the rest of our website to learn more about Rose City Dog Training, and then contact us to schedule your initial in-home consultation. We’re ready to talk and address all your questions!


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