Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines: Helping New Parents And Their Dogs Succeed With Their New Baby! Portland Dog Training For New and Expecting Parents!

Rose City Dog Training works with all kinds of dogs and with all kinds of owners. We noticed an increase in owners who recently became parents and were concerned about their dog’s behavior with their new baby. We even got calls from expecting parents who wanted to get their dog ready and behaved before their baby was born and came home.

Who is this program for?

Cribs and Canines is a training program created to ease the minds of new and expecting parents when it comes to the relationship between their dog and baby. Are you planning on having a family soon and you’re worried that a new baby will shake everything up and cause anxiety for your dog? Then Cribs and Canines would be perfect for you and your dog! Does your dog already show some signs of aggression—such as growling, baring teeth, snapping, or outright biting—toward children, and you’re worried that will transfer over to your baby or child? Or maybe your dog is just too hyper and may accidentally endanger your baby, due to their overexcitement and lack of obedience? Our Cribs and Canines program will help address these issues so that you, your baby, and your dog can leave a peaceful life together!

Rose City Dog Training’s professional dog trainer will come to your home and work on your dog’s basic obedience and their behavior around your baby. This program includes specific training exercises that involve your baby. Along with basic obedience, recall, and eliminating any behavioral problems, we will work on certain things like teaching your dog how to heel when a stroller is near. We also go over proper boundaries with the baby, and making sure your dog feels comfortable with your baby’s presence. For instance, if mom needs to pick up baby or nurse, then the dog will learn to mind their space and go to their place where they can feel secure and not be intrusive.

dog training for new parents
dog training for new parents in portland

ALL Behavior Issued will be Addressed

Any potential anxiety caused by jealousy, fear, or lack of confidence will be tackled so that your dog has a more positive association with your baby. A baby causes new changes and some dogs do not take well to these changes. We’ll train your dog and guide you as the owner to create routines and a structure where your dog can transition to these new changes and not have the opportunity to act inappropriately with your baby. We can begin work even before your baby is born, and we can work with your dog once your baby comes home from the hospital.

Get Started

Cribs and Canines is for both new and expecting parents who want to make sure their dog and baby are happy and safe together. If you think this program would be good for you and your family, then call us at 503.468.5705 or e-mail us using our contact form!


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