Aggressive Dog Training

Portland Aggressive Dog Training: Change Is Possible!

No one likes being around an aggressive dog. What makes it more upsetting is when it’s YOUR dog that’s being aggressive. Aggression is a serious behavioral issue for dogs that can reduce the quality of life for them and their owners. A dog with aggressive issues can find themselves in big trouble — many dogs get sent back to shelters and/or are euthanized due to aggression and other behavioral issues. It may seem hopeless to try to work with an aggressive dog, but despite the severity of the issue, aggression is something that can be overcome!

Why Is My Dog Aggressive?

Rose City Dog Training’s aggressive dog training program works to identify and eliminate the cause of your dog’s aggression. There can be many factors when it comes to a dog’s aggression. Perhaps your dog experienced trauma during their critical development period. Or your dog may be acting aggressively due to fear, where instead of taking the “flight” option, your dog is going for “fight”. Some dogs are aggressive simply because no one has been able to consistently show them that aggression is an unacceptable behavior. Aggression can pop up in rescue dogs, but even the most pampered and well-cared for dogs can have aggressive tendencies!

What Types of Aggression Are There?

Some of the most common forms of aggression can be:

  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • Sibling aggression
  • Fear aggression
  • Leash aggression
  • Territorial aggression
  • Food aggression/resource guarding

Wherever your dog’s aggression comes from, what’s most important is to focus on what’s happening now. Even if your dog suffered through a past life of abuse, or got beaten up badly in a dog fight once…the NOW is what will help you and your dog overcome their aggression problems.

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But Can Aggression Be Overcome?

Based on our aggressive dog trainer’s experience, the answer is a resounding YES! It’s a tougher issue and may require more patience and time, but aggression does not equal a death sentence or an unhappy life forever. We will work with you to resolve your dog’s aggression issues so that you may both trust one another. We will NEVER recommend you surrender your dog or put them down for behavioral issues. Instead, we will find a solution and work with you until we reach that solution!

When you call Rose City Dog Training for help with your aggressive dog, we will need to schedule an initial in-home consultation so that our professional Portland dog trainer can meet your dog and get a better understanding on what might be causing the aggression in the first place. A dog’s behavior is influenced by many things and not just in the past. When evaluating your dog, we need to make sure whatever is happening currently, is something that we can address and fix, and so that your dog can flourish and win their behavioral battles. Once we determine what would work for your dog, then we will show you how to work on your dog’s aggression and test them out in different environments so they can be okay anywhere in the real world.

If you’re ready to get started or have more questions about our Portland aggressive dog training, then call us at 503.468.5705 or write us using our contact form.


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