Rose City Dog Training Testimonials

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We called Rose City Dog Training when Emma would not growling at our guests. The final straw was actually when she attempted to bite one of our neighbors during a barbecue. Thankfully, we got everything we needed from Rose City Dog Training to show Emma how to be calmer and more trusting of our friends. She looks to us for direction now, rather than ignoring us. We have a well-behaved dog and our guests no longer visit with fear or apprehension!

Bethany and Paul F.

Ender was one of the most challenging dogs I’ve ever had. He was such a nervous wreck where he’d submissively urinate anytime someone just LOOKED at him. He also would cry for hours when left home alone, and in general, he did not seem happy with his life. We did everything we could to help him but nothing worked until we called Rose City Dog Training. The knowledge from their training programs is priceless and has given Ender the chance to find self-confidence in his obedience training. It’s not just about getting good behaviors, but also getting a better relationship with your dog where they trust you and feel better. Thank you so much, Rose City Dog Training!

Lucy G.

I adopted an adorable puppy named Archie who was the sweetest thing, but his puppy energy was like nothing I had ever seen before in a dog. I really thought maybe Archie has some severe doggie ADHD or something physical going on, but turns out, he was just the cutest little hell raiser. I needed help and Rose City Dog Training gave me the tools to command Archie’s attention and get him to be better behaved and successful. Now Archie can follow commands at the first try, he walks nicely on the leash and greets people more politely, and I feel like I have control of my house and life again!

Lois W.

When I researched baby training for dogs, I found Rose City Dog Training. I called because my 4 year old dog Nyla was starting to show signs of aggression toward my newborn. It got worse when my son start wiggling around more…it seemed to offset Nyla’s anxiety. The training from Rose City Dog Training may have saved my son’s life, and certainly Nyla’s. We had to get more control of our dog and her behavior, and Rose City Dog Training showed us exactly how to do that, while maintaining our lives as parents. Nyla is a better dog because of Rose City Dog Training and she is much more relaxed with our son. We could not recommend Rose City Dog Training enough!

Taylor and Becca D.