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Start Your Puppy On The Right Paw — Portland Puppy Training at Rose City Dog Training!

One of the best things you could do for your new puppy is set them up for some behavior training. Puppyhood is one of the best times to begin obedience training because your puppy is just beginning to understand how the world works. So why not show them how to do it right early on, rather than waiting for them to form bad habits and inappropriate behaviors as they physically and socially develop?

Our Portland dog trainer works with all kinds of dogs, and that includes both adult dogs and puppies. By enlisting your puppy in our in-home puppy training program, your puppy will learn all the basic manners and commands, and learn how to behave both inside and outside the home. We’ll help set your puppy up for success so that we can prevent behavioral problems from developing in the first place.

What Will My Puppy Learn?

This all depends on what your goals are for your puppy. Most puppy owners want very basic work done such as potty training, commands, leash manners, etc. We’ve encountered owners with very difficult puppies, already showing some early signs of behavior problems, such as separation anxiety, aggressive play, etc.

Whatever you goal is for your puppy, we’ll work toward it! We’ll be sure to go at an appropriate pace that is suitable for a young puppy, as to not push the puppy too hard and cause more problems. Your puppy will learn to behave and also learn to be confident, avoiding any anxiety from developing. We will also show owners how to create successful routines for your puppy so that they feel at ease, can progress quicker, and have a happy relationship with their people, based on respect and love.

Here are some of the following things we will cover in puppy training:

  • Housebreaking
  • Basic commands (i.e.: Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Place, Come)
  • Playful nipping
  • Chewing
  • Prevention of separation anxiety
  • Leash behavior
  • Good manners (i.e.: no jumping, excessive barking, etc.)
  • Distraction and desensitization training
  • And more!

What About Socialization?

Socialization is very important for a puppy and it is something we will guide you and your puppy with. We want to make sure that your puppy learns how to feel comfortable and behave around new people, dogs, and other stimuli that could potentially cause excitement, anxiety, fear, etc. We like to approach socialization by first establishing basic obedience for the puppy and then working on some desensitization training to make sure the puppy is equipped with the distractions and stimuli we set up for them for later socialization periods. The last thing we want is to throw your unprepared puppy under the bus and unintentionally create a negative association with a stimuli, whether it’s a dog, a child, a person, a car, or more.

Once your puppy is more reliable, our trainer will help you set your puppy up for controlled socialization, decreasing the chances of your puppy becoming fearful, anxious, or aggressive. In all our in-home training programs, including our in-home puppy training curriculum, we work on your puppy’s behavior with minimal distractions and then build their recall and impulse control so that they can be ready to face the real world and all its many exciting distractions.

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Ready to Get Started?

If you’re an in-home client that has done our Portland puppy training program and want to expose your puppy to a group setting, they are welcome to attend one of our group classes once they reach six months and are completely up-to-date on their training and vaccinations. Our in-home training will give other ample opportunities to work with your puppy in a new setting with many distractions. Your puppy will know to do their best ANYWHERE and around ANYTHING!

Did your just adopt a new puppy, or are you thinking of bringing one into your family soon? Think about puppy training NOW! We’ll be happy to set up an initial consultation for you and your puppy and review all your training goals together. Our professional dog trainer will create a plan that will cater to you and your puppy’s needs, and will work with you until the job is done!

Our offices can be reached at 503.468.5705, or write us using our contact form.


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