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Portland Dog Training Programs

Rose City Dog Training specializes in all canine behavioral problems, including severe anxiety and aggression cases. We serve Portland and all surrounding areas and towns, and will work with any dog from any background. Our dog training is mainly in-home training, as we have found it to be the most effective approach in treating dog behavior problems.

In The Beginning

Whatever problems your dog may be experiencing, we’ll start training in your home environment, with little to no distractions around. This is to immediately set you and your dog up for success — beginning in a place that is familiar and controlled, so that everyone can focus more easily and progress more quickly. Your dog will acquire the skills they need to learn and adopt more appropriate behaviors, and then eventually demonstrate those behaviors in other places that might have more distractions and problem-causing stimuli. 

In-home to Real World Training

When we first start in-home training, many clients laugh at the idea of their dog behaving outside the home or in a place with distractions, some of them declaring it “impossible”. The truth is, your dog CAN learn to be reliable and show good behavior ANYWHERE, including outside your house! Distraction training is a crucial part of our training program, because your dog will learn to still follow your leadership in both exciting and stressful situations. This can ensure the dog’s reliability, safety, and lifelong behavioral success. We begin with mild distractions so we do not instantly overwhelm your dog, and then gradually add more as they succeed and overcome. For instance, if your dog is extremely reactive to other dogs, we may start the distraction training with one other dog present near your home, and then eventually take your dog to a park that has multiple dogs present. 

Your dog will learn to behave in the house, but they must also face the real world and all its many challenges and distractions. When we equip you and your dog with the basics, we will then slowly add more distractions and then conduct some lessons outside, like at the park, at the vet office, at the groomer’s salon, at the outdoor patio at your favorite coffee shop, and elsewhere.

portland dog training
portland dog training programs

Change is Possible!

If a trainer has ever told you your dog could not be trained and/or advised you to either re-home or euthanize your dog, please call us first! We have successfully worked with hundreds of dogs that were deemed “untrainable” and we were still able to resolve the behavioral problems! Our training is commitment-based which means our trainer will work with a committed dog owner for as long as they need to achieve the results they need. We will not give up and we can tell you from first-hand experience that change is absolutely possible, even for the more serious behavior cases!

We want to eliminate your dog’s behavior problems and also find a way to bring happiness for you, your dog, and your entire household. Anxiety is the leading cause for most behavior issues in dogs, and we will work to eliminate the anxiety and its ugly symptoms. We want all our clients to have trained AND happy dogs!

For dog training Portland and surrounding areas, give us a call at 503.468.5705, or e-mail us using our contact form.


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