In-Home Dog Training

Portland In-Home Dog Training: Reward-Based and Commitment-Based Dog Training!

Our in-home dog training is private dog training designed to teach both dogs and their people how to be successful and find behavioral change together as a family. Our Portland dog trainer will help owner and dog address their issues in the home and eventually outside the home, and (re)build their relationship on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and love.

Why In-Home Dog Training?

At Rose City Dog Training, our programs are in-home because we have found the most success with this style of training. It is structured where owner and dog start at the basics in their most familiar and comfortable surroundings. Beginning at home gives owner the advantage to control certain things in the environment, where the dog can focus better without that many distractions.

Not only do we want to help dogs, but we want to help their people too. Many owners with very troubled dogs are at a loss on how to communicate with their dog. All our training programs teach owners how to be confident leaders that can direct their dog to more rewarding situations and better behaviors. Owners will learn proper handling skills, appropriate timing, and training exercises that will cement the bond between owner and dog. Our training is reward-based, not dominance-based where fear and distrust is often invoked. Our training is effective and supposed to be fun for everyone, and it sets both owner and dog up for success.

What If My Dog Misbehaves Outside The Home?

Your dog must learn to behave inside the home before we can even begin working with heavy distractions and triggers. Once we know your dog’s basic obedience is set in a distraction-less environment, then we will test your dog with more distractions present, usually meaning we will have lessons outside the home.

Our trainer will take you and your dog to an outside setting where your dog can learn to overcome their issues and learn to focus attentively, even in the most chaotic places. Does your dog go ballistic on the leash anytime he sees another dog? We’ll work on your dog’s reactivity issues in your neighborhood and at a public park! Does your dog’s anxiety make her uncontrollable any time she has to get her booster shots? Our trainer will accompany you and your dog to the vet, and make sure your dog can learn to calm down and better behave in this stressful scenario! Or does your dog simply not listen anytime he’s outside because he’s just so excited to be out? Then we’ll work on firm recall and obedience anywhere he gets overexcited!

portland in-home dog training
portland dog in home training programs

Bottom line: Your dog will learn to be reliable in ANY situation or environment!

If you have questions or think that in-home dog training is the solution to you and your dog’s issues, give Rose City Dog Training a call! We offer in-home training for both puppies and grown dogs, and it can cover all behavior problems from bad manners, anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, leash issues, and more! Our training program for expecting parents is also in-home training, and it works toward your goals for your dog, and any goals you may have when it comes to your dog and your new baby’s relationship and interaction. 

Call our office at 503.468.5705, or shoot us an e-mail here for any training inquiries or concerns.


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